Regardless of the subject and type of cargo, we make regular departures from the foreign countries, in particular from our center located in Far East, and deliver the goods you import faultlessly, quickly and reliably for very attractive costs as always. Royal Logistics, believing and claiming that it is at a point beyond competition among its peers in the sector, has proven this claim thousands of times with the import and export services rendered at all the destinations of Far East, from all the Chinese ports to Hong Kong, from Taiwan to Korea.

Royal Logistics one of the rare companies that has reached the capacity of delivering your partial/full export cargo to every point of t..


Royal Logistics presents unmatched air services with its global service network. By providing access to thousands of flights every day from hundreds of airlines, Royal Logistics makes sure that your cargo is delivered to the destination point in a safest and most convenient way. The Royal Logistics personnel always give priority to the needs of its customer in air transportation. Royal Logistics is the first choice that comes to mind for your fast and reliable air transportation requirements custom tailored for you.

Thanks to our proven agency network, we are offering all the services that might be required at the departure and arrival points by our customers. Giving priority to t..


Royal Logistics provides creative solutions for transporting your wide and heavy cargo. Royal delivers the loads, which the others cannot carry, to their destination in the most convenient way.

Thanks to the years of accumulated experience in project transportation and computers, we can generate innovative and result-oriented solutions for our customers. Royal Logistics has developed many key projects and delivered to their destinations without problem. Independent of the size and weight limitations applied by many carriers, we meet the requirements of our customers and provide solutions that generate added value.



Royal Logistics provides flawless services to its customers in picking up your cargo from the departure point or carrying the cargo to the final destination as well as your other land transportation needs through the reliable carriers that have agreements with Royal Logistics. We pick up or deliver your cargo for land or railway transportation most efficiently and economically. While the land transportation companies that we work with provide the highest level of services, they also give priority to the needs of the customers and provide their services flawlessly and completely with an effective and proactive sense of communication.

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With its extensive experience in ship chartering, Royal Logistics has adopted the principle of delivering the cargo to the destination free of any problem by making the cargo connections for all types of vessels from 500 mt dwt to Panamax and planning the transportation organizations from any point to any point around the world, inline with the demand of its customers.
In the restructuring process, Royal Logistics has combined its past experience with its young and dynamic personnel specializing in their areas and has become a leader in the combined Sea+Railway+ Land logistic Project Transportation.

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Royal  Logistics operates to increase the customer satisfaction and provide logistics solutions with the aim of safe delivery of the cargos to the final destinations within the required time in terms of on&pre-carriage of imports and exports carried out by all of shipping lines.     



Foreign Trade
Royal Logistics has developed global experience and a worldwide network through our work in the logistics sector. This has naturally positioned our staff with the expertise to assist customers with their trading and sourcing needs in Turkey. We are ready to be your partner as our professional, experienced staff works to meet all your product, raw-material, and equipment-sourcing requirements.clients’ sourcing needs with benchmark quality and price. We strive to adapt each business transaction to our partners’ needs, and we have the ability to handle product ideas from concept to distribution.



Royal Logistics offers solutions to its customers for their storage needs.With the special store locations close to ports Royal Logistics has special agreement offers and reasonable cost service. All kinds of open products, handled in a closed space, packaging, bar coding and carries out the distribution process.


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