POL Port of Loading   Port of Loading
POD Port of Delivery   Port of Delivery
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival   Estimated Time of Arrival
ETB Estimated Time of Berthing   Estimated Time of Berthing

Estimated Time of Sailing

  Estimated Time of Sailing
ATA Actual Time of Arrival   Actual Time of Arrival
ATB Actual Time of Berth   Actual Time of Berthing
ATS Actual Time of Sailing   Actual Time of Sailing
BAF Bunker Adjustment Factor   Bunker Adjustment Factor
CAF Currency Adjustment Factor   Currency Adjustment Factor
THC Terminal Handling Charge   The charges collected by Terminal authorities at each Port for handling equipment in relation to loading and discharging of containers.
EXW Ex Works   The price that the seller quotes applies only at the point of origin. The buyer takes possession of the shipment at the point of origin and bears all costs and risks associated with transporting the goods to the destination.
C&F Cost and Freight   Term of sale signifying that the price invoiced or quoted by a seller for a shipment does not include insurance charges, but includes all expenses up to a named port of destination.
CIF Cost Insurance Freight   A shorthand term for signifying that the price invoiced or quoted by a seller includes insurance and all other charges up to the named port of destination.
FOB Free on Board   A term of sale defining who is to incur transportation charges for the shipment, who is to control the shipment movement, or where title to the goods passes to the buyer; originally meant "free on board ship."
FOT Free on Truck   Pricing term indicating that the seller will put the goods on a railroad car or 'truck' at a named loading point without any extra charge.
CMC Container Movement Control   The system that makes container tracking, calculates demurrage and empty/full info
FCL Full Container Load   Full Container Load
FI-FO Free in-Free Out   is the international shipping term used in the ocean freight industry means that the carrier is NOT responsible for the cost of loading and unloading goods onto/from the vessel.
FI-LO Free in - Liner Out   A freight rate that includes carriage and the cost of offloading as per the custom of the port. Free in liner out rate excludes the cost of loading and (where required) the cost of stowage and lashing.
LI-FO Liner in - Free Out   A freight rate qualification that indicates that the offered port-to-port rate includes charges for loading of cargo on the vessel at the port of origin but not for its offloading at the port of destination.
LI-LO Liner in - Liner Out   A freight shipping rate that includes the costs of loading the cargo at the departure port and unloading the cargo at the destination port.
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